Five Things to consider before planning your next re-roof

Roof replacement is a wise investment that comes with a significant implication on the appearance of your home. A new roof adds value to the property by adding an aesthetic value to the property. You may consider new roof installation when selling, renting your property or when the current roof is aged. If a recent roofing inspection suggests that the current roof is not fit for the property, you need to consider hiring the best roofing contractors for the inspection to be done. However, do not put the cart before the horse when it comes to roofing replacement.

5 things to bear in mind when planning the next re-roof

Consider installation of low maintenance gutters

The gutters are an important component when roofing your property. Installing the gutters helps in moving water away from the roof space and the roof foundation. Given the important function on the roofing system, it is important you plan for the gutters. However, consider the low maintenance gutters for the new re-roofing project. Roof manufacturers have designed gutter systems that keep the leaves out. Although the maintenance free gutters are not as foolproof as advertised, they do help. There are two common designs of the maintenance free gutters. These are the gutter deflectors and the gutter meshes. By choosing either of the maintenance free gutter types, you have a chance to skip gutter-cleaning forever.

Prevention of ice dams formation

An ice dam refers to a wall of ice that forms at the gutters or at the soffit. As the name suggests, an ice dam is created by melting snow hence prevents smooth draining of the gutters. If you do not consider the prevention of ice dams in your next re-roofing project, there might be significant damage to your house. The possible consequence is water flowing into the interior of the house. There are different approaches to prevent the formation of ice dams. The maintenance-free gutters will help. In addition, consider keeping the attic well ventilated such that it stays cold hence properly ventilating the roof and the eaves. Another possible prevention of ice dam formation is an installation of the water-repellent roof membrane.

Ask about the new roof ventilation

Roof ventilation is pretty simple. It refers to the free flow of air through an intake and outlet. Thus, roof ventilation will work if there is a free flow of air. You can use the mechanical roof ventilation or the natural type. The mechanical roof ventilation will require a source of power while the natural ventilation features the wind effect and works together to naturally circulate the air. The importance of roof ventilation includes extending the life of your roof, reducing the energy cost and reducing the indoor temperature extremes. Hire a roofing contractor to advice on the best roof ventilation during the roof replacement exercise.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Roof replacement is an excellent opportunity to replace the old roof with an energy efficient roof. Therefore, consider the energy efficient roofing to be installed on your property. Energy efficient roofing helps to increase the value of the property. Different residential property roofs help to cut energy consumption. Common energy efficient roofs include asphalt shingles, shake shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing, and tile roofing.

Install an airtight chimney cap

As the name suggests, the airtight a chimney cap helps in sealing the top of the chimney when the fireplace or the wood stove is not used. Installing an airtight chimney cap effectively seals the top of the chimney helping to keep the warm air inside the house instead of escaping through the roof. In addition, airtight chimney cap eliminates the pest problem while it also adds aesthetic value to the property.
A qualified roofing contractor should do a roof replacement. During the new roof installation, make sure that you have considered the above important elements of the roof. These help to avoid roof damage while improving the aesthetic look on the property. Moreover, roof replacement helps when you want to sell or rent out the property.


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