How to Deal with Water Stains on Your Roof

A roof stain feels annoying especially when you do not know how to deal with it. In the first place, it is important you identify the type of roof stain you are dealing with. The second thing is to hire an experienced roof repair contractor to help you out. In this article, we feature the different types of roof stains and later, we delve into how you can deal with the problem.

The Types of Roof Stains

  • The Black or Green Roof Stains

The black or green roof stain indicates that there are already some growing organisms on the roof. This can be algae or moss. Considering that the roof is prone to constant moisture and sunlight, it makes it a more favorable area for these microscopic organisms. These growing organisms grow into a thick clump, mold, and mildew. These are also common names used when referring to these growing organisms.

On the roof, the black and green growing organisms will simply discolor the surface making it look ugly. Algae specifically, appear as an ugly black or brown streak. These do not necessarily damage the roof, but the appearance of your property is not pleasing. Moss, however, becomes more worrying since it can easily cause huge damage. A thick moss growth will work like a sponge and keeps the roof damp for as long as it continues to grow. In most cases, moss will lift the edges of shingles and makes them vulnerable to blowing off in case of a windstorm.

  • White or Yellow Roof Strain

A white or yellow roof discoloration is an indication that there is some water buildup on the roof. This can be emanating from your air conditioner or even the cooler. Under most occasions, these are seen underneath the cooling appliances used at home. When the white or yellow roof stain shows, it might also be an indication of a roofing leak. The white or yellow roof stain provides a perfect environment for mold growth. Consider that several funguses can also appear yellow in color. If left unattended, the white or yellow roof stain literally eats the whole ceiling.

How to deal with Roof Strains

When either of the above roof stains appears, it is necessary you act promptly and deal with the condition. If you are not sure how to deal with the roof leak, consider contacting a professional.

The roof stain can be removed by spraying or scrubbing it. However, this might cause further damage, which is harder to deal with. First, you need to identify the root cause so that you can be able to deal with it effectively. Then, you should clean the stain using cleaning bleach. With the roof clean, apply a base coat of the stain-blocking primer. To ensure the correct application procedure, hire a roof repair consultant. Then, you should cover the primer with the ceiling paint.

Now you know the different roof stains and how to tell when you have a leaking roof. It might not be very easy repairing a roof leak and so, hire a roof leak expert for the task.

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