A roof is a protective covering that covers or form the top of a building, and a building is not complete without a good roof or roofing.

Roof collapses are the sudden fall or break down of a roof that has become weak due to aging, heavy snow loads, leaks, lack of education on all levels in roofing (lack of know-how in roofing).  Roof collapse may not be what you ever thought of that can happen to you, but it is something you’d be surprised because it is more common than you think.  Here are common reasons for roof collapse:

Aging: the aging of a roof can lead to danger to your home and the dangers are numerous such as poor roof ventilation, paint peeling, fading and blistering both inside and outside your house, damage to your walls and ceiling, Aging roofs suffers from corrosion and resist it from handling heavy snow. Attention for such causes is ROOFING PROFESSIONAL.

Heavy Snow loads and Ice: Before snow and ice time, take your time to know how much snow and ice your roof can accumulate depending on the type of roofing. A typical roof can gather about 20 pounds of weight per square foot of snow and ice and when it amasses to the lower edge of your roof, it prevents other melted snow and ice from draining off your roof and causes your roof to become stressed.

Standing Water: Your roof could be left with ice dams that cause standing water to accumulate on your roof even when snow and ice are no longer accumulating. Standing water is heavier per cubic foot than snow and ice, therefore causing little or no stress for standing water to cause stress on your roof.

Moisture Intrusion: This is another cause of roof collapse. It happens as a result of the roof not up to par in terms of leaking proofing. Water damage can become significant enough over time that it sabotages the integrity of your roof. To ensure that moisture invasion does not ruin the structural integrity of your roof, it is highly important to have your roof regularly inspected for missing shingles and deteriorated flashing.

Unprofessional Roofing: This is one of the most common reasons for roof collapse when roofing is done by none professionals.



  • Cracked shingles
  • Bald spots where granules are missing
  • Shingle edge is curled
  • When your roof looks old and worn
  • Dark streaks



Roof collapse can be avoided with the following reasons:

  1. AGING ROOF: Aging cannot be avoided unless when replaced with a new roof by professional.
  2. HEAVY SNOW AND ICE: understanding the risk of roof collapse due to the weight of snow on the roof, how much snow and ice a roof can support, knowing how much the snow on your roof weight may prevent roof collapse by doing the following task.
  3. Evaluate your risk: melting snow tends to run quickly off steeps roof with slopes greater than 3 inches of slope in 12 inches of horizontal distance, particularly the steeper ones that are typically found on houses in northern climates.
  4. Estimate how much weight your roof can support.
  5. Estimate how much the snow on your roof weighs.
  6. Locate where you have snow on your roof and evacuate.

In order to prevent roof collapse from snow and ice, it is important to physically remove snow from the roof as it accumulates by using a simple roof rake safely, and the best idle way is to hire a professional to do the evacuation for you.

  1. GETTING A PROFESSIONAL TO DO YOUR ROOFING: This is the most important way of avoiding roof collapse by hiring a professional to do your residential roofing job that can help you choose the best roofing materials for your home.

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