Sheet Metal

The sheet metal could be referring to any metal which may be shaped into flat pieces of different thicknesses. Thick metals are referred to a plate. Metals utilized include mild steel, cold rolled steel, nickel, stainless steel, tin, titanium, brass, aluminum, and copper.

Using specialized tools, sheet metal will be cut, roll, bend, and shape to make a wide variety of objects. Examples of where sheet metal can be found or used include:

  • Ductwork
  • Refrigeration unit cabinets
  • Medical tables and storage units
  • Building facades
  • Signs
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Stacks
  • Decorative art

Services We Offer

We cater for the small, medium and large volume steel components range from a few hundred pieces to tens of thousands.  DBR Group Roofing Los Angeles is the suitable one-stop company; we will take your design from the page through to the ultimate anti-corrosion treated, the powder-coated end product.

Commercial Offerings

  • Repairs or modification of stainless steel hoods, countertops, etc., or will build new to specs.
  • Customized fabrication and installation of exhaust hoods and ductwork to code
  • Qualified production of aluminum, carbon or stainless steel tanks to customer specifications

Industrial Offerings

  • Experienced installers in an industrial environment
  • Accomplished fabricators of industrial ductwork, custom machine guards, cabinets, etc.
  • Personnel fully trained in appropriate safety procedures

Residential Offerings

  • Creative designs of oven and fireplace hoods, as well as stainless steel countertops
  • Interior and exterior custom metal work on new homes or remodels
  • Expert copper workmanship of bay windows, dormers, cupolas, chimney caps, and flashings of all kinds

DBR Group Roofing Los Angeles provides most services available for sheet metal fabrication. Using either in-house equipment or outside resources, we are able to meet your component part needs.

For several years our Metal has been offering high-quality fabrication work for a variety of industry sectors. Over this time, we have amassed an impressive portfolio of work and created strong lasting relationships with numerous well-known organizations and brands.

We are also equally delighted to cater for small or multi-national businesses. Whether you need small batches, prototypes or bigger production runs we can provide a flexible and swift service to meet your precise needs.

Highly Experience Workforce

We have a highly skilled workforce who have developed special techniques to enable us to work to very close tolerances and high-quality finishes. We have a longstanding team of in-house experienced sheet metal engineers and steel fabrication professionals and can offer a complete service from design to installation. With a commitment to achieving recognition, we operate a quality system that is approved by all our major customers. We have a more extensive range of services than most companies in the industry, and can even carry out substantial work.

We make use of the most up-to-date machinery and technologies to manufacturing your products and our sheet metal engineers have experience in all aspects of sheet metal work including rolling welding, ductwork, cutting, folding and design. Contact us today.