Welcome to the DBR Group Waterproofing

DBR Group Roofing Los Angeles has trained crews are wholly versed in the appropriate installation techniques for wall coatings, caulking, balcony coatings, sealants, traffic coatings, fountains, planters, green roofs as well as a myriad of below-grade applications.  DBR Group truly “fits the job from top to bottom.” DBR Group uses the latest techniques in the industry for both remedial projects and new construction.

Expert solution to waterproof for the foundation

If there is a weakness in a building’s foundation or envelope, water will exploit that weakness and enter the building. DBR Group Roofing Los Angeles have experienced Project Managers are exclusively competent to identify potential waterproofing issues on buildings under design or existing buildings. We always address each project broadly, allowing the durability of our work and our clients’ properties. Our Waterproofing services are required to build reliable, lasting solutions to our customers’ Waterproofing needs.

Underslab Waterproofing

We pre-applied composite and colloidal systems to prevent water ingress under hydrostatic conditions.


Joint Sealants

Sealants address a broad range of the ever-inventive, increasingly demanding architecture found around the world. Our sealants offer the flexibility, durability, and movement capability that are fundamental to the successful prevention of water entry.  The replacement of worn sealants with new manufacturer-recommended high-performance sealants is significant to enhance lifespan and to the overall health of your building.

Our commercial caulking services include expansion joint caulking, control joint caulking, window glazing, window caulking, and wet glazing.

Joint sealants are both functional tying various building systems together and cosmetic. Whether DBR Group Roofing Los Angeles is installing joint sealants in new construction or replacing and removing existing joint sealants, we guarantee the success and durability of our work through stringent adherence to best practices.

Plaza Decks/Green Roof

Increasingly, building owners desire to use the valuable deck and roof space while simultaneously doing something good about the environment. From reinforced polymer and decorative systems to hot applied reinforced asphalt, building owners are choosing systems that maximize the insulation and heat absorption properties of Green Roof systems.



Balcony/Deck/Below Grade Waterproofing

As of waterproofing professionals, we continually referred to action by leading architects, general contractors, owners, and building consultants. Our span of expertise meets challenging tasks including the repair and restoration of plaza decks and balconies. These can include concrete repair, railing removal/reinstallation or replacement, paver installation, deck coatings, planter waterproofing, and repair of adjacent brick and replacement of caulk, stucco or other exterior wall finishes.

We as well apply self-adhering sheet membrane systems and various liquid and drainage systems designed to offer waterproofing protection for below-grade foundation tunnels, walls, and parking structures.

Elastomeric Coatings

Wall coatings installed with this tough elastomeric material stay supple but hold their tensile strength to protect over a broad range of temperatures. Their softness and flexibility as well offer exceptional resistance to dirt pick-up and prevent moisture and wind-driven rain from seeping into cracks and causing structural damage, even in humid, hurricane-prone regions. Elastomeric wall coatings keep buildings in one piece and dry and safe. DBR Group Roofing Los Angeles has successfully recoated and repaired thousands of buildings across the nation

We have been working with both individual and Industrial partners for several years. Our scope of professionalism has lengthened over the years from simple application of coatings and sealants to services requested by our extensive base of individual and Industrial customers. These services include roofing truck facilities, tuck-pointing on smokestacks, and installing the most up-to-date in industrial floorings. Our flooring services include crack repair, concrete toppings, slab stabilization, epoxies, moisture remediation, and mechanical diamond polishing.

Buildings also require attention to guide against some distractions that will come in the form of leaks, rusty railings, peeling paint, and crumbling concrete, resulting in a tired, worn out façade.

​We aim to be your resource for exterior maintenance to increase the lifespan of your properties. We are proud to work with many of this country’s leading commercial businesses, keeping them focused on their objectives while we eliminate the distractions. Contact us today; let us assist you with all your masonry restoration and waterproofing needs.